About Us

THE ONYXE is founded in 2015, striving with the aim of providing their customers with a luxurious addition to their wardrobe, yet remaining affordable. THE ONXYE makes a perfect gift for anyone and everyone, including yourself if you would like some icing on top of your outfit.


THE ONYXE, the accessory for your accessories.

Started out as a hobby, THE ONYXE became the platform for a full-time passion of crafting artisan bracelets for men and women alike, providing only the best design elements for the customers looking for a healthy lifestyle and something to accentuate be it their collectible time pieces or branded luxuries.

Troubled with recurring migraine issues since a young age, I came across natural stones which were recommended as a solution to improve my condition, and indeed, it was effective. However, the flipside to it was that it looked too much like religious edifices which would trigger code red on the fashion police radar, which is not exactly the best accessory to wear at all times.


But health and fashion does not have to be mutually exclusive.

This sparked an eureka moment to craft the best natural stones into bracelets so that no one will ever have to make the tough decision between health and fashion. With THE ONYXE, natural stones health properties and fashionable accessories can now form a synergy for everyone's daily needs.


Affordable luxury, is the motto of THE ONYXE.

THE ONYXE finely selects only the most luscious looking natural stones, allowing you to enjoy health benefits while remaining relevant fashionably. From your morning go to work outfit, to the events you have to attend at night. From the occasional birthday parties, to festive celebrations throughout the year, THE ONYXE is the best accessory to accompany any horology enthusiasts wrist or IT girl strutting the streets in her favourite luxuries.